“I love Kenna! Her vibrant spirit, soul-stirring music, and way of presenting truths have been an incredible blessing to me.” – Dr. Jay Dennis, Author of nine books including The Jesus Habits and The Prayer Experiment 

“Kenna West is without a doubt one of the most prolific songwriters of this generation. Her songs and the ability to craft them leave an indelible mark on the hearts of the listener—songs of hope, encouragement, redemption, and songs of worship!” – Garry Jones, Minister of Music, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX 

“When you listen to her music, you hear her passion. When you hear her speak or sing, you experience her heart.” – Debra Talley, Recording Artist, The Talleys 

“Kenna West is a communicator, confident that the cross of Christ is the answer for everyone and passionate about presenting a message that connects with the listener’s heart. Hers is a message of hope and healing through Jesus.” – Tony Wood, Songwriter and Author 

“She is simply one of the best in the business.” — Les Butler, Radio Personality 

“Kenna’s songwriting, her singing, and her ministry prove that she spends time with Jesus and Jesus spends time with her.” – Ricky Skaggs, Grammy-Winning Recording Artist, 2018 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee

“In my 40-plus years in Christian music, I have had the honor and privilege of working with some of the most talented and successful songwriters and artists in the industry. As a songwriter, vocalist, and speaker, Kenna West definitely belongs on that list! But Kenna is far more than the sum of her talents, successes, and awards. She is all heart, loyal to the core, a friend you can count on, a fiercely proud mom and devoted wife, a Godly example to those around her, and a sold-out-on-fire-110%-follower of her Lord and Savior. And if that isn’t enough, the girl can write a great song!” – Dale Mathews, Senior Vice President, Word Music & Church Resources 

“Kenna West is multi-talented and very inspiring, both personally and professionally. Her strong character and reputation as a skilled craftsman have caused her to win not only awards but the respect of all of us in the gospel music community who are privileged to know her.” – Jackie Patillo, President & Executive Director of the Gospel Music Association 

“Kenna has really touched the hearts of the drivers, crews, and families with her personal approach and powerful testimony.” – Billy Mauldin, CEO, Motor Racing Outreach, NASCAR 

“There are few people I like more on this planet than Kenna West! I’ve had the privilege of worshipping with her in the studio, in the writer’s room, and on the platform—and she has the same gifted talent in all areas of her ministry. Kenna has the unique ability to minister to people right where they are on their journey. Her desire to worship Christ and encourage His bride shines through in everything she does.” — John Bolin, Minister of Worship & Arts, Houston’s First Baptist Church, Houston, TX 

“Every now and then you come across someone who is not only incredibly talented, but also possesses the ability to communicate, as well. Kenna West is that person. When she talks, her stories feel like your stories. Her laughter is contagious, and her tears are real. Somewhere in the middle of it all, you are almost caught off guard by the reminder that—oh, yeah—the girl can sing!” – Dave Clark, Songwriter and Author 

“Some people are admired for their talent and some for their accomplishments; others, because we are bettered by their friendship and encouragement. For me, Kenna West represents all of those. Writer, artist, friend—she's someone I just love to see coming because I know I will feel a little better about life after seeing her!” – Mike Harland, Director of Worship, LifeWay Christian Resources 

“Not only is Kenna a great writer, she is also an incredible singer and gifted communicator. She is very personal, funny, and loves Jesus with all of her heart. Her passion for the Lord shines through in everything she does. It truly is an honor to call her friend.” – Karen Peck Gooch, Recording Artist, Karen Peck & New River 

“Kenna West is a breath of fresh air! In all my years in ministry, I have seen very few with her passion, love for life, and strong desire for the things of the Lord. She is truly a blessing to everyone she meets and is one of the most gifted speakers and songwriter/singers that I have met.” – Pastor Bob Beeman, Sanctuary International 

“As a Worship Pastor, there is a burden of responsibility that I carry daily to encourage, challenge, and take people deeper in their worship. It is more than a song or a moment in a service that has life changing impact. Instead, it’s messages that are authentic and relative that are shared from the heart, that meet people where they are, and help them take the next steps toward the person God has created them to be. I have found all of these attributes in my friend, Kenna Turner West. She is not a stage performer who presents her catalog of material to fill a morning slot for local churches. Instead, she is a worshiper who genuinely lowers her life’s veil, allowing the world to see the full picture of all God has done and is doing in her life. She connects in a unique way that makes every person in a crowd feel like they’re the only person in the room. She is the type of ministry partner that I trust to represent me, my people, and our God in such a way that can only be described as, Kenna.” – Jeff Bumgardner, Worship Pastor, First Baptist Church, North Augusta, GA

“If someone were to ask me to describe Kenna Turner West, I’d have to say she’s the zaniest sister I never had. Her fun-loving personality quickly dominates the room—and that’s said as a compliment. Behind her always-present smile and quick wit, however, is a level of understanding that most people never achieve. Rooted deeply in Bible beliefs, Kenna is an observer of life and how each of the day’s moments can give birth to a new song. She relishes the little nuisances; she can grasp the big picture. And, at the end of the day, she can wrap all of that together so that the world can rejoice with her. That, my friend, is a gift that God chose to send Kenna’s way. And one for which she is most thankful. Prepare to be amazed at what Kenna does with what God has given her. Because you will be.” – Danny Jones, Editor-in-Chief, Singing News Magazine

“She is a beautiful mix of bible knowledge, quirkiness, musical talent, and fearless writing. She tells the story of faith with a common sensibility that translates into song effortlessly. The Martins love singing Kenna West songs!” – Joyce Martin, Recording Artist, The Martins

“Many know that Kenna is a multi-award-winning songwriter, but she is also a powerful minister of the good news of Jesus Christ. God uses her warmth and sincerity to open hearts and receive the healing He so desires to extend.” – Billy Blackwood, Recording Artist, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet 

“Kenna’s words are deep, creative, and powerful." — Pam Farrel, International Speaker, Relationship Specialist, best-selling author of Men Are Like Waffles and Women Are Like Spaghetti 

“Just as her vivacious personality draws everyone she meets, her writing ability also draws us in, inviting us to think about challenging theological issues with an attitude of excitement.” – Vanessa Acosta, Veritas International University, Santa Anna, CA 

“Kenna and I have written well over a hundred songs together over the past few decades, but my admiration and respect for her go way beyond her talent in writing. She loves Jesus wholeheartedly, and she loves people. I am always blown away by her tireless enthusiasm for communicating His love to everyone she meets.” – Sue C. Smith, Director and Founder, Write About Jesus 

“Her talent is unmatched. Her encouragement and caring for others is a blessing for all who know her.” – Steve Hurst, President, Steve Hurst School of Music, Nashville, TN 

“Kenna has been blessed with a true gift to communicate with some of the most life-changing songs that have ever been written, as well as having a personality that lights up the room. The Holy Spirit shines in Kenna’s life in everything she does. Very rarely in life do you meet someone who touches so many people and I’m so glad God placed Kenna in mine and my family’s life.” – Brian Free, Recording Artist, Brian Free and Assurance 

“Her love for others is deep and her love for God is deeper.” – Jason Cox, Worship and Music Associate, Nashville First Baptist, Nashville, TN 

"Whatever she does, she does with all her heart." – Phil Johnson, Songwriter and Producer 

“I have known Kenna Turner West and her family for many years. She walks out her faith as well as she shares it! Her music and her ministry come from her heart!” – Charles Simpson, Contributor, The Spirit-Filled Life Bible; Editor-In-Chief, One-To-One Magazine 

“I know few people who have the depth of character and compassion that Kenna consistently displays. She never, ever meets a stranger and has an unparalleled way of connecting with people and extending the love of Christ, day in and day out. Her music and ministry are beautifully interwoven, and her exuberant personality and passion to share the heart of God draw listeners into an unforgettable experience as she uniquely unfurls the incredible tapestry of her life’s journey.” – Mary Alice Lovelace, Director, Social Media and Communications, StowTown Records 

“I truly believe that what makes her great at everything she does is her great love for others. I am blessed to have her as a collaborator and friend.” – Don Poythress, Worship Pastor, Songwriter, Recording Artist 

“Sometimes God places people in your life to help you through a season and other times he allows them to stay. I'm so glad that Kenna is one of those friends who God has allowed to stay in my life. She's a smart, funny, talented, introspective, outgoing, larger-than-life personality who isn't afraid to show you her many layers!” – Sheri Easter, Author and Recording Artist, Jeff & Sheri Easter 
“Kenna West is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her talent is undeniable, and the joy that she has in her heart is contagious. If Kenna is involved, I know it is going to be great!” – Gordon Mote, Recording Artist, Musician, Producer 

“Kenna West is an award-winning songwriter who is extremely talented, hard-working, and motivated—and I have the privilege of working with her daily. Her talents go beyond songwriting, and I look forward to seeing all the many ways she will continue to bless people with her God-given words and her cheerful personality.” – Janine Appleton-Ebach, Vice President, Curb|Word Music Publishing, Nashville, TN 

“Recently we held a fund raiser for the Musicians Hall of Fame here in Nashville. Within a few moments of taking the stage, Kenna had the audience in the palm of her hand, spellbound as they listened to her stories, songs, and her strong message of faith. She reached a lot of people in a way they did not expect, and they loved her. Beware—if you see her perform, she just might change your life!” – Jeannie Seely, Country Music Artist, Member of the Grand Ole Opry 

“Kenna West loves the Lord enthusiastically, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Blessed with a beautiful voice and a sharp wit, she presents a powerful message in her music as both a songwriter and performer.” – Rob Shearer, Publisher, Greenleaf Press